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With more than 400,000 car purchases, who should BMW X3 audi Q5L choose?

With more than 400,000 car purchases, who should BMW X3 audi Q5L choose?


The leading models of luxury suvs, the new audi Q5L and the new BMW X3, are priced very close to each other, at 3928-5700,000 yuan (new audi Q5L) and 39,98-580,000 yuan (new BMW X3).Both have been in the luxury SUV market for years, and are well versed in the needs of domestic consumers.

The design is different from each other and continues the latest family style design style

For the styling of both cars, both are the latest family styling designs of their respective brands.

The new audi Q5L looks like the cash Q7, and the hexagonal banner is very domineering. The rear of the car adopts the concealed exhaust layout, and the overall appearance is an atmospheric and stable business style.

The new BMW X3 has a classic double kidney and angel eye shape, without the "opening eye" design. The rear of the car is a two-sided exhaust, and the overall movement breath is very strong.

The interior of the new audi Q5L has a stronger sense of science and technology compared with the previous generation. The LCD dashboard and the large central control screen display are exquisite and have concentrated functions. It is easy to match the second generation MMI system.The reasonable layout makes the storage space more humanized. The large-area touch pad also has vibration feedback, which can be operated in a blind way to reduce the visual transfer and make the actual use more convenient.

The interior of the new BMW X3 has also been updated considerably, with a spacious mid-touch screen and easy operation of the sixth generation iDrive, but the overall functional layout is not much of a surprise.Although BMW has a very cool hand gesture function, the entire system needs to be equipped with an additional 4,000 yuan, as well as the adaptive cruise system and the heating function of the front and rear seats.

In general, the extended new audi Q5L has advantages in space, as well as in power and fuel consumption.While the BMW X3 is slightly more expensive, the entry-level model is very high.But for consumers who choose a car at the price of half a million, the two cars are still neck and neck.If you pursue big space, there is no doubt that audi Q5L is the right choice.In addition, the friend who asked for help, apparently the family still listen to his wife to avoid the civil war.

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