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Saic Volkswagen's all-t-cross auto show will go on sale next year

Saic Volkswagen's all-t-cross auto show will go on sale next year


At the 16th guangzhou international auto show, which officially opened on Nov. 16, saic Volkswagen not only brought the brand's latest lineup of vehicles, but also went public with three new members of the SUV family.The price of its mid-view L 2019 model is 22.38-3598 thousand yuan, the price of its r-line is 193.8 thousand yuan, and the price of its 2019 model is 30.89-51.89 thousand yuan.

In addition, the latest t-cross of Volkswagen SUV family is also unveiled at the guangzhou auto show. As another brand new SUV model of saic Volkswagen, the t-cross will go on sale next year.

New family member t-cross debuts

The domestic version of the vw t-cross new car is a new boutique SUV jointly developed by saic Volkswagen and Volkswagen of Germany, featuring 1.4TSI and 1.5l power and adopting the MQB platform.In addition, the homemade wheelbase is 88mm longer than the European one, up to 2651mm.

O-line sells for 193,800 units

Saic Volkswagen's latest tiaoyue r-line model is a big focus on the booth, and the added sports design elements of the new car bring consumers a new sensory experience from inside to outside.Tuyue r-line is displayed with a brand new grille and movement, and is replaced with 18-inch double-five-spoke wheel hub. At the same time, multiple r-line signs are added in the details, and the two-sided decorative tail row highlights the sports flavor of the new car.

Of course, besides these cars, there are also a series of key models including tiguan L PHEV, a new generation of passat, and the modified tuong.This year's mass brand also relies on the balanced product layout and the continuous development of various products, leading the domestic market in the brand, and is expected to win the annual single brand sales champion.

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