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BMW's new energy strategy accelerates its target to sell 500,000 units by the end of 2019

BMW's new energy strategy accelerates its target to sell 500,000 units by the end of 2019


Since BMW group launched its "BMW I" brand in 2011, BMW has officially started to expand rapidly in the field of electrification, and the birth of the "BMW I" brand is seen as a new node of the rapid development of BMW electric vehicles.As BMW group continues to deepen the new "first strategy", the proportion of electric travel strategy in the overall planning has been increasing year by year.

In march, BMW group proposed a new "first strategy", which was promoted to the strategic height of the company.Under this strategy, BMW group will focus on technological innovation, expand digital connectivity between people, vehicles and services, and actively promote sustainable travel.On November 2, BMW held a press conference in Beijing to sort out its product line again and announced that the "first strategy" has successfully entered the second stage.

Half a million electric vehicles will be delivered worldwide by the end of 2019

As one of the first luxury brands to introduce new energy products into China, the strategy of BMW group to develop new energy has a long history.As early as 2002, BMW has proposed the strategy of "efficient driving force of BMW".In 2008, BMW launched efficient hybrid technology.BMW announced its electric vehicle strategy in 2010.In 2011, BMW group established its sub-brand, BMW I, and launched two products of BMW i3 and BMW i8 successively in 2013.

The implementation of the new energy strategy has greatly strengthened the products of BMW group in the vertical depth.In terms of horizontal breadth, currently, two sub-brands of BMW M brand, BMW I brand and three main brands of BMW are all developing in their respective dimensions.

At the same time, BMW I brand is not only the sum of intelligent lightweight design and electric drive technology of BMW, but also an innovation platform, providing technical support for all BMW series products.

Through the horizontal and vertical two-way layout, BMW group has formed a clear and three-dimensional brand strategy, for the future development of BMW group laid a solid foundation.

In 2017, BMW group has completed its target of delivering 100,000 electric vehicles within the year.In 2018, that goal was raised to 140,000 vehicles.By the end of 2019, the group is to complete the delivery of 500,000 electric vehicles worldwide.By October, half of that had been achieved.

25 new energy products in the next seven years

After years of technical accumulation, under the guidance of BMW's "first strategy", the electrification strategy of BMW is entering a new chapter.More powerful product launches will be an important force driving the development of BMW's new energy vehicles.

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