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BMW 1 series M sport version will be unveiled at guangzhou auto show

BMW 1 series M sport version will be unveiled at guangzhou auto show


BMW recently unveiled its lineup for the 2018 guangzhou auto show, with the fourth-generation X5 arguably the most watched by car fans.However, for young people, the BMW 1-series three-box m-sport version, which will be released together, seems to be more suitable for their identity.

In fact, BMW has to say that it has excellent control performance, and the M series is a number of "performance control" Dream cars.However, a price several times higher than that of the regular model is obviously not affordable for everyone, so BMW has also launched a series of models with M suits to enhance the driving pleasure of users from the styling design.

Recently, BMW released a group of 1-series M sports version of the official map, and will be officially unveiled at the guangzhou auto show.As an entry-level model of BMW sedan family, the 1 series has finally inherited the sport spirit of M series.

Compared with the cash 1-series three-box sedan, the new car adds a new M sport suit on the appearance, and the iconic M family front enclosure design greatly enhances the sports temperament of the whole car.The side changes little, but the exclusive LOGO of BMW M is added to the front wing board, and the new M sport wheel ring is replaced to highlight the identity.

The rear has a double-sided exhaust design and a new rear bumper with a new floor guide for both sides of the rear bumper, which looks both sexier and more aerodynamic.

At present, the official of BMW has not released the new car's interior decoration and power information, but this gives us a suspense, all unknown will wait for the guangzhou auto show to reveal it.

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