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Audi e-tron pure electric SUV debut will be introduced to domestic sales next year

Audi e-tron pure electric SUV debut will be introduced to domestic sales next year


Beijing, Sept. 18 (xinhua) -- the audi global brands summit opened in San Francisco.Audi officially unveiled the audi e-tron all-new model at the summit, and unveiled $748 - $86,700 in the U.S. region.The car will go on sale in Europe at the end of this year, starting at 79,900 euros.It is expected to be imported into China in June 2019 and domestically produced in 2020.The audi e-tron model is an important model under the audi "" 2025 strategy" ", and the release of the car also marks the launch of the audi brand into a new electric era.

Audi e-tron is the first production car in the audi electric range.The appearance of the car adopts audi family style design and is equipped with a series of advanced technology configurations.It has a large high voltage battery with a maximum endurance of 525 kilometers and a maximum power output of 300 kw.

The new car is designed to look like a family, but it differs from the fuel version.The front face is designed with a full chrome front grille and the headlights look sharp.The wraparound shoulder line is an important design element in the side view.Its front headlights, which extend along the flanks to the taillights, provide a low visual center of gravity for the audi e-tron.With a low top and strong body, its solid d-column and chassis protection shows a distinct SUV nature.

At the rear end of the styling, the long top rim spoiler and wide diffuser highlight the horizontal motion characteristics of the electric SUV.Light bar - typical feature of audi's top model - connected LED taillights.Through the horizontal emphasis and segment appearance, the taillight echoes the pattern of daytime traffic lights.Audi e-tron comes in 12 colors to choose from.

In addition, audi e-tron is a full-size pure electric SUV with a length, width and height of 4901mm, 1935mm and 1616mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 2928mm. It can be applied to various scenes such as sports, home and leisure, with a maximum hub size of 22 inches.

The cabin design has a strong sense of science and technology. The symmetrical t-shaped central control platform adopts the upper and lower floor design.Audi e-tron USES carefully coordinated interior decoration materials, colors and inlays.There are three LCD screens in the car, which are the LCD instrument, the central LCD screen and the air conditioner on the front.The steering wheel of the new car is very unique and sporty.

In terms of configuration, the car is equipped with intelligent MxB (ZP8) system, car Internet audi connect system, audi MMI system, auxiliary driving system -- audi AI, 360-degree image, virtual external rearview mirror and other advanced and cutting-edge technologies.

The large high-voltage battery in audi e-tron can store up to 95kWh, consisting of 36 modules and 432 lithium-ion batteries.It is worth mentioning that the battery can be used to charge up to 150 kilowatts of fast dc charge, and can charge up to 80% of the power in less than 30 minutes.The power system USES induction motor technology, and the output power of two electric motors is 265 kilowatts, generating 561 nm of torque.While in s-gear mode, the drives produce 300 kilowatts of power output and 664 nm of torque, and they enable the audi e-tron to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds.

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